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Nurturing The Excellent Woman! (UNILORIN SUG WEEK)


The history of the existence of humans on earth is incomplete and hollow without the mention of the woman named Eve. The Female gender is an indispensable part of life, in fact she sustains the life we bear, she is an integral part of the organised system that transfers life from one generation to another.
The Female gender all over the world especially in African nations have been subjected to persecution, victimisation, abuse, slavery, segregation, mutilation by cultural practises  and inequality. All these, obviously, have been condemned not only by major religious scriptures and rulings but also by humanity. However they are still practised on a large scale against the female folk.
Our beloved country Nigeria is the largest nation on the continent of Africa with a population of over 162.5 million of which females constitute 49% of the population- i.e 80.2 million.
It is however sardonic that in Nigeria today, there exists a relegation and degradation of the female gender. Hardly do women constitute 20% of the elected people in elections whether at the local, state or federal level. The implication of this low degree of representation, says Professor Bolanle Awe is that women are not likely to participate in any significant way in making decisions that will affect their lives and those of other citizens of this country. This situation unfortunately, is a replica of what happens in other sectors of the country, the Nigerian woman is characterised by the denominator of subordination.
There exists only one female President in the whole of Africa-Ellen Johnson Sirleaf- the President of Liberia. However there are few female vice presidents-the Vice Presidents of Burundi, Uganda and South Africa are all women. Despite the above, progress towards achieving the goal for gender equality and female empowerment is still a pure dream because the women mentioned above represent an insignificant fraction in the population of women in African and indeed the world.
Owing to their special nature, the few women who make it to the top experience difficulty in combining the qualities of being virtuous as a wife, mother and as a muhminah or Christian Woman.
The recent abduction of over 200 girls in their school in the Northern part of Nigeria, the inadequacy of security agents around schools (especially around female schools) in troubled areas of the country and the rather slow and unproductive move by the Nigerian government to facilitate the return of these girls is a further indicator of the disregard for female folk and their education in Nigeria.
The female gender constitute the highest number of school drop-outs in Nigeria and of course Africa and therefore constitute the majority of illiterates globally. Women are also the victims of various illicit and immoral activities in the society such as prostitution, child trafficking e.t.c consequently this accounts for the degradation and disregard of the female gender.
Owing to the above fact, it is very obvious that lack of education, enlightenment and opportunities is the germane cause of women’ inability to merge being virtuous with being a successful career persons.
It is in this plight that the Students’ Union, University of Ilorin considered it significant and  pertinent to organise a summit  with the purpose of educating females in a bid to proffer workable and tenable solution(s) to the challenges facing the female gender.
As a female student that has a goal of climbing the ladder of success despite the various hurdles and odds posed by the Nigerian society, one is faced with dilemmas such as
Being a female, and how to really make it in life?
Combining the roles of a woman in a home and how to get a meaningful job?
Keeping my pristine nature as a woman and how to retain my job?
Marriage and success in my career (Won’t Marriage be a hindrance to my success)?
It is consequent on the above questions that an orientation and education of the female gender but is necessary. It is our believe that life is a puzzle and with every piece fit together in its proper place, success is guaranteed-women and men are parts of this puzzle, therefore in this summit, the male gender is invited to also have enlightenment  on how women should be treated in a society that aims good for all.

To organise a classy conference that will focus on female education, sensitization and interactive session on certain issues such as home management, maintaining a good career, child marriage, rape (punishment for offenders, whether or not to disclose identities of rape victims owing to stigmatization), marital issues, how to choose a spouse, knowing the right man, keeping up with the religious obligations and so on.
To give proportionate stimulation to the female gender, right from the secondary school level, towards moderate participation in administrative affairs, nation building and development.
To enlighten females on how to retain their virtues amidst being successful career women.
To foster a mutual relationship between the fulfilled women and the prospective younger ones.
To also foster a mutual relationship between the female gender and their male counterparts to enhance coexistence.

This year’s edition (i.e 2nd edition) which is scheduled to hold on the 18th March, 2015 shall include lectures, interactive session, award presentation and  the launching of the maiden  edition of “THE ARETE”   Magazine in honor of women of repute and class who have made indelible marks in their various endeavours.

Gender inequality and discrimination of female participation in nation building.
Balancing religious virtues, marital prospects and Job productivity.
Best career options for women
Female genital mutilation and it’s effect on the health of the girl child.
Child marriage and it’s effect on the girl child education
Rape, a review of its psychological and social effects on the female folks

Barr Bola Suleiman
Nike Peller
Sen Gbemisola Saraki
Mrs Adebimpe Akinbisehin
Dr Abdul Karim
Mrs Omolewa Ahmed
First Lady of Kwara State
Sen Gbemisola Saraki
Olori K Sanni
Mrs Adebimpe B akinbisehin
Barr Bola Suleiman
Senator Gbemisola  Saraki
Mrs Jumoke Gomola
Dr Abdul Kareem
Mrs K W Salee
Prof Ijaiya
Nike Peller

Consequent on the existing inequality and extreme gap between the female gender and their male counterparts, the Students’ Union, University of Ilorin deem it fit to provide a platform where women of repute and merit, women of town and gown, icons of exemplary status and achievements will be honoured by our quintessential, better by far institution. They will share their experience and educate young women on how to become excellent. Remember if you educate a man, you have succeeded in educating one person, but when you educate a woman, you have succeeded in educating a nation.

ANIFOWOSHE Titilope T.                                       OSENI SALIMAT ADENIKE
Student Union Vice.                                                University of Ilorin.Gen.Sec
President (PS).                                                          Planning Committee.

+2348139578850, +2348186985683, +2347065115378.
titilopeanny@gmail.com; snikkibest@yahoo.com.

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