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Open Letter to MultiChoice Nig Ltd (DStv & GOtv) Providers.

DSTV Enough Is Enough!!

Fellow Nigerians, let’s ALL boycott DSTV & GoTv services of MultiChoice Nig Ltd from April 1st 2015 for their planned & exploitative tariff increase which they want to FOIST on the over 2 million subscribers they have in Nigeria on April 1st 2015 (See front pg 9/3/15 Guardian newspaper).Enough is ENOUGH! Nigerians will ‎​no longer tolerate this! We will ‎​no longer tolerate the lack of Pay-as-you-Watch services they offer in South Africa & other countries but in Nigeria they keep our accounts running even when ‎​we travel & there is no-one at home to utilise the service even though they know these Countries have less subscribers/population than Nigeria.-They must implement PAY-AS-U-WATCH in Nigeria on April 1st & lower tariffs,
-We insist on it, ‎​we are not April Fools!
-They must make that Pay-as-u-watch service EASY  for Nigerians to access with ‎​no tricks or long queues to sign up  for it. ‎​

-No more substandard decoder!!
-Their monopolised exploitative tendencies must end in Nigeria!
-As the Arab Spring brought change of Govt in the Middle East, this “DSTV Spring” must bring change, better services & lower prices come April 1st 2015 if ‎​we all unite as one!

PLEASE re-broadcast this to everyone on your WhatsApp, BBM & WeChat contact list, Tweet it, post it on your FB Status till our VOICE is heard & heeded to in their South African Head Office & this is done, Change Must Come! DSTV Enough is Enough!

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