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DISCLAIMER!!! #thisisnotSinach ooo @Sinach

This is to formally announce to you that the above work is a disclaimer! @Sinach has confirmed it!

Check @Sinach Twitter and image
Thank you all for your love for @Sinach!
She loves you all!


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Touching Story on the Relevance of Jesus to our World Today!

A pastor was struggling to prepare his sermon and didn’t want to be disturbed by his five year old daughter, so he removed a map of the world from his study, tore it into pieces and gave it to her to assemble with the promise that he would answer all her questions and play with her when she was done. He knew she would never be able to fix it. To his amazement, in less than five minutes, she returned to him in his study with the map in perfect shape, every continent and every country in its place. The surprised father asked, ”Honey, u don’t know anything about geography, so how did u fix the world so easily and quickly? The five year old girl smiled sweetly and replied, ”The picture of JESUS was at back of the map and i knew that if i have JESUS in the right place, the whole world would be in perfect shape”That was just the right inspiration he needed for his sermon. He thanked his daughter and prepared a powerful sermon on the subject Fix your world by placing JESUS at the right place. Just place JESUS in his rightful place and your life will be in order. I hope you understand this just like I do. Like, share, tag, comment, spread it to the world, let them know that THEIR WORLD CAN NOT BE COMPLETELY FIXED WITHOUT JESUS…

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AOG Graphics – For Authentic Graphical Works!

Offers authentic graphic designs on
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Thanks for your co-operation

…its all about Greatness!

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Frank Edwards – The First Ever JOSH DREEY PERSONALITY (January Edition)


Frank Edwards #FE

Frank Ugochukwu Edwards, simply known as Frank Edwards is a Nigerian contemporary Christian singer-songwriter and recording artist from Enugu, Enugu State; a producer, song writer,singer and performing/recording artiste >>lover of God 🙂


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Quote by BRIGGS

Appreciate mans effort, sometimes, you just didn’t know what they had to go through just to keep u happy

…briggs says so!

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January 16, 2015 · 4:23 am



By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD.

After salvation, the most important choice you will
need to make is who to marry. This choice is so
important that if you miss it, you will suffer for
long, if you get it right then you will enjoy forever.
A bad marriage can affect every other area of your

This subject is so important, so many married
people are hoping to be single again so as to
make the right choice. If you are single please
don’t just be in a hurry to get married, you have
the best opportunity to prepare for it.

For two people to come together to live in peace
and harmony, they must agree spiritually, mentally
and physically.

Just like an elephant cannot marry
an ant so also a believer cannot marry an
unbeliever. If an elephant marries an ant how
would they live, if a goat marries a fish where
would they meet? You must look for a Godly man
or a Godly woman to marry, nothing can beat this.
The devil’s primary target is the family. He knows
that everyone belongs to a family and if he can
make two wrong people meet then he has
succeeded affecting the community and nations

Ignore your age and the pressure for a
moment, the pressure in a wrong marriage is far
worse. God has somebody for you but you must
set your priorities right. What do you need in a
woman? What do you need in a man?
Marriage is not about what you want, it is about
who you need, that will make you better while you
make him better. It is about destiny.

That is why
you must know your purpose before you get
married. Genesis 2:18.
You must pray before you choose. God knows the
best person for you, it is only wise to seek His will.

It is very easy to know God’s will when sex is not
involved. The moment sex is involved and you
want to know His will then He will blank you out.
Why? Because you have broken His first Law of NO
SEX before marriage.
If you have had sex in the past then you need to
repent totally and stay away from each other for
sometime then you can seek the face of God.
Your marriage will not be hell on earth. Your
marriage will be honorable in the name of Jesus

Don’t marry for sex, don’t marry because you are
of age, don’t marry because you are getting old,
don’t marry because you are lonely, don’t marry
because you need someone to support you
financially, don’t marry because you mistakenly got
pregnant, don’t marry because you don’t want to
lose the person, don’t marry because of family
pressures, don’t marry because you like the idea of
marriage and admire every wedding gown you see,
don’t marry because all your friends are getting
But get married because you want to fulfill destiny.

Get married because you want to be a help mate.
As a man, get married because you want to fulfill
your purpose. God will help you in choosing, please
let His will be done. Amen!
Forward to the singles you love.
God bless you!

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Ibile Creations in 2015

IBILE CREATION in partnership with ORGANIQUE SPA brings to u 2015 treat:D (2015 is getting interesting)

Our 2015 patronising clients will be getting either free facials/ free pedicure nd manicure / free body massage and steaming! :*

Our 2015 patronising clients outside lagos will get skin care products:D

The beauty of this is! ORGANIQUE SPA uses strictly herbal products! \=D/

Terms nd conditions applied:D

Ibile creations wants yhu looking radiant in and out in 2015:*

For More Informations

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AIS Entertaiment and Nickon Camera Photo Contest

Listen up!!

Are u beautiful or Handsome??
Are you photogenic??

Have you got what it takes to be MR/MISS AIS ENT.
Then Sign up for ‪#‎snaptostardom
It’s ‬ Mr/Miss Ais entertainment Nigeria Picture Contest

Powered by NIKON Camera..

Top 30 Contestants Qualify for INSTITUTION FASHION SHOW 2015 powered by NIKON CAMERA ….

Winners get 100k+blackberry Q10+ endorsements deal
1st Runner up 50k+blackberry Q5+endorsements
2nd Runner up 30k and lots of freebies…

To Register and for more information

Don’t sleep on bike:D Oya go register sharppaly

Ais Entertainment
…We stay relevant always



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