Wise Decision!

How will they just take a Boy to Primary school one day to resume a new session with them.

Just his 2nd day in class they made him the Assistant Class Monitor, 2weeks later, the Monitor died and they made him the monitor.

This same Boy got to Secondary School and in their SS3, he was made the Deputy Senior Prefect 3weeks later the Senior Prefect fell sick and died.

He got to the University and they made him the Assistant class Governor, the Class Governor just slept one day and he didn’t wake up again and he was made the Class Governor.

In their Final year, they made him Vice President of the Department; during a Riot in school, they killed the President and they made this Boy the President of Zoology Department.

He graduated and started a Lecturing Job, there he was still made a

He later ventured into Politics and he became the Deputy Governor of his state, but God save that Governor, he didn’t die, they remove him and this man became the Governor.

Later on, Baba Iyabo call him to become Vice President, 2 Years later, the President Died, and this Man became the President of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria.

Now, ECOWAS say they want to make him the Vice Chairman of ECOWAS but Chairman of ECOWAS said No, that they should made him the Chairman at once, that he’s not ready to die…

Just Saying!

Readers are Leaders.

…its all about Greatness!


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