INTERVIEW: One on One with MCB; Brain Behind 2in1 clothing and Mcbarlowbrand

Popularly known as MC BARLOW ,Balogun Opeyemi is a young talented Clothier and  Entertainer.
He always finds love in what he does and he is never tired to bring up  creative ideas.
His life is surrounded with entertainment…
It was an amazing experience talking to him during one of his performance at The Rich Lounge Abeokuta and here is what he had to say.

Who is Mcbarlow?

McBarlow is a young entertainer and also a clothier.

Entertainer and a clothier, how do you bring the two together ?

I believe in 100 percent entertainment.
Entertainment has been part of me from a very tender age which I could assume is inborn, it’s a gift bestowed on me by God
While clothing is a skill acquired and had since been a professional in it.

Seeing a young lad bringing two creative aspect together, what motivates you ?

I solidly believe in creativity and my creative intuition as always been what keep me going

2in1 clothing

As you know entertainment is a competitive place in Nigeria, how have u been pursue this career?

Entertainment taught me so many things there were times I have to start over again, but in all times God as been marvelous
Surviving here wasn’t easy but with the help of my clothing concept I was able to stand firm 

As a clothier and entertainer have u taught of branding what u does?

Actually I have a brand name for my clothing which is 2in1 Clothing while McBarlowBrand is my entertainment brand name…

2in1 clothing, it sounds cool how did you come about the name?

I simply use that cos I do two things together at once , am a clothier and the same time an entertainer and i love doing it.

2in1 clothing

What is entertainment to you ?
Entertainment is Re-birthing of dead bones to live again through a creative mindset

What were the challenges encountered in this venture?

My brother its isn’t easy making things happen in Nigeria, you will need knowledge, strength and sometimes even fame because with this you need little or no introduction before you are identified among others

How will you rate the Nigeria entertainment industry?

Its sometimes not encouraging only if believe in yourself because many are called but few re chosen
Oluwa loni blessing.

As an entertainer you have performed in many shows which show have your most outstanding performance?

Wow! Even if I am to forget some, I can’t forget MASK PARTY 2013
It was a show that had me and the popular seyi law on stage live @ Richton Hotel Abeokuta.

Performing on stage alongside seyi law how did you feel?

Seyi law I will say is a professor, he carry me along in all and create chances for me to unveil myself although he is a boss in the bus

Which other entertainer did u look forward to be on stage with?

I will always want to be in the boat with the popular BASKET MOUTH and BOVI

Where did you want to see yourself in the next five years?

I Wish I become a great personality in the entertainment industry and also a household name in Nigeria .



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