Happy weekend Readers! Laugh the weekend off!

I met this girl on fb and we’ve been
chatting for 6 months now.

On sallah day, I logged in and saw her online, and we started chatting immediately.

ME: Hello dear
HER: hi barka da sallah.
ME: same to u dear
HER: so where is my sallah gift?
ME: Habba! Big girl like u dey ask for sallah gift?
HER: Abeg oo. I’m nt a big girl oo. U
want to deny me sallah gift abi? ….I quickly went to buy a N500 card
and sent the pin into her chat inbox….
ME: dear manage this pls.
HER: noo, pls I was only joking. I will not take that.
ME: pls pls.
HER: and I refuse. I cnt take anything from u.
….I quickly loaded the card and
transfered it into her line acct…
HER: You think u are smart eh? ….a
minute later, heard an alert. The msg reads ”N1000 was trasfered to you
ME: whats the meaning of that?
HER: I told youu, youu shouldn’t. …(this girl wan prove big girl abi?) I used my
last N2000 to buy card, loaded it, making N3000 and sent it to her.

….Some minutes later, an alert, tang-
tang..”N6000 was transfered to you
chaiii..this girl wan try me? And I didn’t
have any other money on me at the moment so I called my friend and
borrowed the N6000 he
was keeping as his rent, I told
him I will be expecting N24,000 in the next 5min and I will pay him back…I quickly bought a recharge card of N6000, and sent her the
N12,000..and I kept my phone close to
my ear expecting an alert… ten minutes later, instead of message alert, it was a call from her…”Hello dear, just called to thank you for the sallah gift..we’ll chat later”

….chaiiiii!!!!(am sweating seriously)
Now, landlord is on my friend’s neck
and he is on my neck too! What should I do?

Comment your views!

…its all about Greatness!


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