These are some types of ‘Big Girls‘ we have intown:
Kemi says, “Waiter, please I like my SALADvery hot. Also, can I’ve 2 bottles ofSHAWARMA?
Sharon says, “Hey friend, give me your PINlet me call you
Isabella says, “I’m so tired, I just made myhair in KFC.”
Abenaa replies, “Really?! I want to spend mysummer in London dis Christmas period.
Siphiwe explains, ”I Just bought my BB but Ihaven’t collected the PIN.
Bititi brags, ”When I’m flying, I always like thewindow seat cause I open it to allow freshair.”
Valentina says, ”I prefer London to UK duringwinter!
Faith says, ‘‘Hmmm, you can’t even imagine. Ijust bought a G-string, and the thing I likemost about it is the backpocket!’
Nkechi orders, ”Please, if you don’t havemeat pie, doughnuts or scotch egg, just giveme snacks.

You can give other examples in the comment box below…

…its all about Greatness!


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